One of our latest fabricated dual basket strainers to feature has a somewhat unique configuration with the isolation valves.

The unit is a DB150 3-inch carbon steel dual basket strainer.

It features carbon steel construction.

This unit has butterfly valves with levers on the inlet side for isolation valves. But on the outlet side it actually features check valves. With check valves as part of the isolation configuration, a unit like this ends up with fewer levers or gear handwheels to turn when switching from one side to the other. With this unit the operator would only have to turn deal with two butterfly valves.

On our units with 4 butterfly valves, the operator would have to turn all 4 butterfly valves when switching from one side to the other.

At the bottom of each strainer unit you’ll notice 1” flanged drain connections.

Like many of our fabricated dual basket strainers, it features a compact design with short face-to-face, and offset, inlet and outlet connections.

As we’ve been adding more of our custom fabricated systems to the website, it’s starting to seem like there is an endless array of features and characteristics to choose from. We hope to give engineers using our website some ideas for their own unique straining challenges and hope that they’ll engage with our engineering department to discuss how these solutions may work in their situation.

As we’ve noted in some of the employee profiles of the engineering department team, solving our customers’ challenges is one of our greatest sources of satisfaction. We appreciate being provided with a number of parameters for a straining application and then successfully putting together a solution. We would welcome the opportunity to put this vast knowledge and experience into service for your latest project.

DB150 3 Inch carbon steel dual basket strainer