As one of the leading manufacturers of strainers in North America we assume that most of our potential customers are familiar with what we do. Sometimes though, it’s important for us to remind our customers just how wide our product line is, and how big we can make things.

This is when we realize just how exceptional we are at designing and fabricating custom products for customers. Many of these custom products are baskets.

It’s also when we are reminded that we are better at manufacturing exceptional products than we are at photographing them. Or at least staging our products. It’s just one of those things where we have chosen to focus on the quality of our manufacturing versus our photos. Sometimes products have shipping straps on them, sometimes they haven’t been painted because that was the best time to get a quick photo. None of these really effect the overall impact, but we know our mother would be disappointed we didn’t do our best.

Here’s a case in point.

This is a 42” basket our team recently custom fabricated to a customer’s specifications. Our photographer got to it in the shipping area, just before it was prepared for shipping. The challenge was we got there just before it was shipped. In other words, when we started to talk about the optimal way to photograph it, the shipping team had other ideas. Like finishing the strapping and getting it on the truck, because the customer wanted it.

We tried to get a shot from above while on a ladder, but it was too big to fit in the photograph.

“Well what if you put a pallet on the forklift and lifted me up so I can get a shot from above?” Nope. “How about we turn it upright?” Nope. “How about we turn it upright and get someone to stand in it to give some perspective?” Nope. Now get out of the way so I can do my job and get it shipped!

To our blog readers I apologize that we couldn’t provide the perfect image for you to get an idea of just how big this basket truly is. But here it is anyway.

42 inch custom fabricated basket

42 inch custom fabricated basket from below

To our customer who received the strainer, let me assure you, no guy with a camera will slow down our team’s determination to get you your product quickly and efficiently.

To make me feel better, I dug up a couple of older photos just so I could show that some of our baskets are so big… you can stand in them!

There is no custom fabrication job too big for the Sure Flow Equipment team. And rest assured, nothing will stand in the way of the final stage of the process, the shipping department, from getting you your product in an efficient and safe manner. Even a guy with a camera.

Sure Flow employee standing in big basket srainer

42 inch basket for BWH basket stainer