If you have been reading my blogs over the years,
you’ll have noticed I have many clichés. One of them is
“do what makes sense”. My mandate is to have complete, or almost
complete, control of the manufacturing process. This makes sense.
Tom Lambert is our “magical machinist”. From scratch, he took the
raw material and then manufactured and machined these two 2-inch
YB2500 Forged Stainless Steel High Pressure Strainers tested to
7500 psi. A complete in-house production. I go to Tom from time to
time and say, “Can you make that?” He normally says, “Leave it with
me”. Invariably he comes up with a solution. We go full circle,
from sales, engineering design to manufacturing. Sure Flow
Equipment Inc. aims to be your only source for industrial valves,
filters and strainers. Our new Fast Track Catalog is at the
printer’s now! Click here to obtain your copy or preorder your
catalog by emailing Andrea: