Being a sarcastic individual, I always thought there
should be a law about weddings on a weekend. You eat too much and
partake in too many beverages! Then on Sunday you just lay on the
couch and watch football! Well, Janet and I had a blast when
Jessica Stevenson and Norbert Knutel took the deep plunge. Jessica
could have walked the red carpet anywhere in the world. She was a
radiant bride who wore a totally outstanding dress. Norbert looked
like he should be selling ice cream on the corner in Beamsville –
just kidding. The weather was great, food was off the map, fun for
all and we met some wonderful folk. It wasn’t about Strainers,
Check Valves or Knife Gate Valves. It was a just a beautiful day.
I’m proud to say that for over 30 years I have been friends with
Jessica’s parents, Kathy and Gary. Kathy painted many portraits of
my fellow companions. See her work at: Well, Jess
and Norb are on their honeymoon now while Gary signs all the
cheques! And so it goes. Personal relationships develop and grow;
just as our relationships at Sure Flow Equipment Inc. grow within
the world of custom engineered, fabricated strainers, filters,
valves and pipeline accessories. We invite you to contact us and
hope you enjoy your visit at: