Well my two buddies Gunner (see:The Runner) and Milo
(see:Rock Star) are off to a warmer climate in Florida. They will
sit by the pool while they take orders for Strainers, Check Valves,
Butterfly Valves and of course, titanium strainers and copper
nickel strainers. Now the boys, Gunner and Milo, also know you can
select any exotic material for your strainers. A walk in the park.
No pun intended. Sure Flow can do it. I am an animal/pet person.
Milo has gone through five surgeries. Love my pets. Thank you for
reading my blog. New! We have a state-of-the-art Clean Room. What
does that mean? In simple terms it is an area completely isolated
from the welding and fabrication facility to ensure zero
contaminants. My Company strives for excellence. It might sound
like a cliché, but we do what makes sense! The Company
thanks you for your business and helping us grow for the future!
Business is not only about business. It’s about relationships and
friendships. To all friends: Thank You! Please continue to contact
us whenever you require industrial pipeline strainers and