The new year has not been a pleasant experience for
the “Wordsworth” family. Yesterday I moved my father to a seniors
home – an agonizing decision – but his health warrants the journey.
My sister, “Hazel”, has been in the hospital for two months now.
They moved her to the critical care unit at Mount Sinai Hospital on
Christmas Eve. I would like to take this opportunity to thank the
staff; plus, the staff at Princess Margaret Hospital. Hazel has
been battling cancer for almost a year. She’s a fighter! Hazel has
the loving support of her three daughters, my three nieces,
Heather, Lisa and Jamie. I would like to recognize her traditional
style husband of 27 years – “Mike Coburn”. He’s been at my sister’s
side throughout all her agonizing treatments and hospital care. You
can’t ask for a better brother-in-law than “Mike”. I know your
thoughts and wishes are with HAZEL!