People who call Sure Flow Equipment on the phone will be familiar with the enthusiastic voice that often answers the phone and asks how they can help.

Jessica Wordsworth has been working fulltime at Sure Flow for close to a decade, and while her roles and responsibilities have evolved over the years, her enthusiasm for a challenge have remained pretty consistent.

‘Jess’ is now a key member of the Sure Flow sales team, with her responsibilities ranging from quoting on projects to ensuring customers are getting the answers they need. Lately she’s taken on a new challenge by spending time conversing with customers on Sure Flow’s ‘Live Chat’ application on the website.

“Some customers just like interacting with us via their computer, and it’s very cool we have the ability to facilitate their preferences.” Jess says Live Chat allows customers to multi-task while interacting with Sure Flow, and often lets them be working through their requirements on their computers while we discover the precise nature of their project and application.

“Our responsibilities in the sales department are simple; to make customers happy. Live Chat has just provided us with another vehicle to allow them to interact with Sure Flow while optimizing their time and productivity.”

This desire to make customers ‘happy’ seems to be a common theme with Jess and her time at Sure Flow.

“I started working at Sure Flow part-time, worked in the screen department and learned how to weld and fabricate baskets with John Hamilton, and spent a bit of time in accounting before I transitioned to sales. I’ve worked with a lot of great people at Sure Flow and knowing that this organization is their livelihood and supports their families, just inspires me to work at a high level in whatever capacity I’m involved.”

“As I kid, I grew up coming to the plant on weekends and seeing the team working overtime on projects, so I know the dedication that Sure Flow family members have to making this endeavour successful.”

Jess brings her “All Hands on Deck” attitude to the office and is always ready to help when anyone needs her contribution. Like many of us, Jess functions most effectively when she faces the greatest challenges and the last several years have created lots of those.

With material shortages, price increases on many Sure Flow products and components, right down to the shipping challenges faced early in the pandemic, some of these still exist.

“It’s a competitive market out there right now, but I really feel that with everyone pulling together it makes Sure Flow an awesome force in the marketplace.”

When Jess isn’t helping customers, she’s at home trying to keep “Khonan” and “Khali” in line. These are her two Huskies, and people familiar with dogs know that Huskies ‘love to run.’ That works out well for Jess who refers to herself as a ‘tomboy’ growing up, from basketball to rugby to skiing. So keeping up with a couple of playful Huskies is a perfect counter to a day on the phones. A good way to unwind and clear her mind, ready for the next day on the phone and Live Chat making sure that Sure Flow customers are happy

A simple and powerful philosophy.


Jess at work