Sure Flow Equipment Inc. is proud to be an Exhibitor
at The New Chem Show 2009. Visit us at Booth #727, Javits
Convention Center in New York City from November 17 – November 19,
2009. Along with our Strainer Man and Strainer Dog mascots, we will
be displaying a diverse sampling of our product line suitable for
Chemical Processing including Industrial Pipeline Strainers,
Industrial Filters and Valves, Custom Engineered Fabricated
Strainers, Knife Gate Valves, Butterfly Valves and Check Valves.
Also featured will be our new Quad Reverse Cone Strainers. Sure
Flow offers a wide assortment of screen types to meet all your
filtration or screening needs. Over the course of two decades we
have manufactured: Cone/Conical Strainers, Basket/Hat Strainers,
Reverse/Straight Flow Strainers, Plate Strainers, Media Retention
Nozzles, Resin Traps, Submerged Intake Screens, Foot Valves
Screens, Wedge Wire Screens, Multiple Layer Screens and many more
styles. Our new Custom Engineered Quad Reverse Cone Strainer
accomplishes fine mesh filtration, compressing effective flow area
of a 20-foot long Cone Strainer into a compact 4-foot Strainer.
Simple to clean, conserves space, with open area of 300% this
Stainless Steel Strainer provides exceptional flow filtration
design. Sure Flow solves complicated, unique Strainer problems.
Sure Flow offers many options for your custom filter, custom screen
and custom strainer requirements. Screen openings from 5 micron to
1/2″ perf. Materials – you name it – Carbon, Stainless, Alloy 20,
Monel, Titanium, Hastelloy, Super Duplex or for that matter, any
exotic material. Check out more details at: Custom Strainer Screens
. Our Engineering Department will produce a design and we will
manufacture to your requirements in our state-of-the-art, quality
focused fabrication facility. See more at: Custom Engineered Design
View our new product videos when you drop by Booth #727 for a
snapshot of Sure Flow Equipment and contact us today with your
inquiries for all your custom engineered, fabricated strainers,
filters and valves.