I adopted Milo about two months ago. The previous
owner returned him to the breeder because he was, quote,
“aggressive and not a good dog”. Hard to imagine based on the
dedicated, gentle and affectionate nature Milo exhibits with me!
Did I rescue him? I think so. Milo is now 16 months old. He’s
leaving puppyhood and becoming a dog. He’s experiencing a new world
with exposure to ducks, cats, geese and just simply having fun. And
he is right by my side all the time. His landing strip is perfect.
My great friends Kathy and Gary also rescued/adopted a Golden
Retriever, 10-year old “Marcus” He was in somewhat rough shape
initially but is a really great dog. Milo and Marcus have both
found a “Perfect Landing”. They are pictured together here – Marcus
keeping a protective, watchful eye on Milo frolicking in the snow!
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