Sometimes the natural reaction to seeing the devastation of a Hurricane like “Ian” in Florida, or “Fiona” on the East Coast of Canada, is to look away. “What can I do?” The magnitude of the challenge can seem overwhelming.

One must harken to the ancient saying “Every journey of 1,000 miles starts with one step.” And with that, put your head down and not think about what can’t be done, but what you CAN do.

That has always been the motto of the Sure Flow Equipment team when we receive those orders that seem to have insurmountable timelines, or minimal space requirements for complex systems.

With that mindset Sure Flow staff began their hurricane fundraising efforts.

A 50/50 draw had been organized. This Thursday they had a BBQ and a bake sale is still in the works.

So far, the team has raised $1,100 and continue to organize other programs.

Sure Flow Equipment CEO John Wordsworth (pictured below) commented on how he is always warmly welcomed on his business trips by people on the East Coast. John increased the proceeds from the fundraising to $3,000.

With our ties to an ex-employee who now lives in the heavily damaged “Port Aux Basques” area in Newfoundland, we will be giving the proceeds to the Red Cross of Canada, which the Canadian government will match, doubling our efforts.

It’s also important to note that we have customers in Newfoundland and have been involved with several offshore oil projects, including Hibernia. Newfoundland is very near and dear to our hearts, so we wanted to make sure we stepped up and did what we could.

While a lunch time BBQ is always a great change of pace at work, it could only be a distraction from reality to a point. We were all still very focused on our purpose to do something out of the ordinary.

Here are few photos of team members enjoying lunch and stepping up with the donation box to make a difference.

Sure Flow Equipment Fundraising BBQ Outside

Sure Flow Equipment Charity BBQ food table and donation box

Sure Flow Equipment Charity BBQ team members

Sure Flow Equipment Charity BBQ Penni and Patrick at the table

Sure Flow Equipment Charity BBQ staff

Sure Flow Equipment Charity BBQ CEO John Wordsworth