In our continual pursuit of perfection to provide you
with the most elite Strainer, Check Valve, Butterfly Valve and a
variety of other industrial valves, Sure Flow recently purchased a
handheld PMI Positive Material Identification analyzer (click on
the right side of our home page to take a look). Within five
seconds we can provide a full traceability of any alloy; plus
download the analysis to provide an in-house M.T.R. (Material Test
Report). If you’re an inspector,
you’ll love it. We can even give you a M.T.R.
for welding rod, wire and pipe plugs, thereby removing the concern
of whether the M.T.R.’s from the foundry are
accurate. Just click the image on the right side of our home page
for more details. Next week I’ll tell you all
about the Sure Flow World Classic Annual Golf Tournament and
feature some candid pictures in the Hawaiian theme.