The world is full of new and wonderful things, and sometimes it seems like the internet is introducing us to more of them all the time.

Sure Flow Equipment’s product line is extremely broad, and their expertise in so many areas is quite enlightening.

With that in mind we thought we’d begin an exploration of some of the more diverse, or less common products Sure Flow creates for customers.

One of these is “Pond Ball Screens”. If you know what ‘pond balls’ are, this will seem quite self-explanatory, but we want to make sure we never assume you know all the various bits and pieces that going into products lines.

Companies today are very aware of the importance of responsible water use. Open ponds can allow for rapid evaporation of water. Some ponds contain materials that we don’t want to be accessible to wildlife.  We’ve all seen jets being deiced in the winter. Airports often have collection ponds and storm-water basins where that glycol can run off to, before being processed. Clearly, we want to make sure animals stay out.

Pond Balls are the solution, and they can not only deter wildlife, they can eliminate up to 80% of evaporation.

Here are pond balls at work:

pond covered with pond balls

Here is a close up of these high-density polyethylene (HDPE) pond balls:

pond balls close up

These photos of floating barrier balls were provided by “industrial & environmental concepts, inc.” in Minnesota.


Now here are some Sure Flow “Pond Ball Screens”. The screens pictured below were designed for a unique application for a power generation facility in the southern United States.

They are being used to protect the Di-ionized water pumps and recirculating system from the possible ingestion of pond balls, which could possibly sink to the bottom of the tank. The ponds balls are water filled to keep them from blowing away in high winds, so it is possible in certain applications that they could sink and become problematic.

In this case, the di-ionized water tank was experiencing evaporation loss, and the solution was to blanket the top of the tank with traditional pond balls, used more commonly for outdoor ponds. 

Since the system was Di-I water, the 316 SS screens were needed to be electro polished to ensure cleanliness.  The covers were hinged to allow for installation on the various inlet/outlet pipes connected to the tank. The tank holds approximately 300,000 gallons of di-I water.

This installation was done by a diver through an access hatch on the top of the tank. The units were inserted into the pipe outlet/inlet, then the bolts were tightened from the inside to hold them in place. The door was then closed and secured for each size application.

pond ball strainers

Who ever said industrial screens were boring, hasn’t spent enough time with the customers Sure Flow provides creative engineered solutions for! Pond ball strainers being installed by divers in di-ionized water sounds like something you’d stop channel surfing on that science channel to learn what exactly is going on.

This is just the start of a series exploring some of the unique products we create. We’re just making sure customers are aware we produce such things. We assume people know how diverse our product line and expertise is, but we decided to make sure they were covered on the website. At Sure Flow, you can learn something new every day!