Rising to the dual challenges of increasing the
introduction of new products to the market and the necessity to
move these products to market faster, Sure Flow Equipment Inc. has
taken the lead by being particularly innovative with product design
and development. We are pleased to introduce a complete product
offering of “Spectacle Blinds”. The Spectacle Blind is a simple
safety device that installs between two pipe flanges. During normal
operation the open end is installed as a spacer to allow
uninterrupted flow. To stop the flow in the pipeline, the blind end
is rotated into place between the flanges. This positively isolates
the downstream piping and equipment. A Spectacle Blind is generally
installed as a permanent fixture. The geometry gives a quick visual
indication to its orientation and whether or not it is safe to
begin downstream work. With the combined efforts of our skilled
engineering and manufacturing groups, Sure Flow is committed to
exploring new product design opportunities to fulfill your needs.
To enhance the determination of optimal product solutions, Sure
Flow Equipment Inc. utilizes Computational Fluid Dynamics software
to create multi-scenario design studies and generate virtual
product models. Click here to see a sampling of our 3D models of
industrial valves and strainers Please send us your inquiries for
specialized custom engineered design requirements and count on us
to exceed your expectations. Email us today at:
info@sureflowequipment.com We take Custom Engineered Design
seriously at Sure Flow Equipment Inc. Our challenge is your vision.
We love the challenge! For a full overview of our product offerings
and technical scope, check us out at: www.sureflowequipment.com.
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