Why are companies from other continents searching out products designed, engineered, fabricated, and tested by Sure Flow Equipment? I think the answer is obvious, clearly we’re exceling at what we do. No one makes industrial valves and strainers like Sure Flow!

This basket strainer is one of those final products created from a variety of inputs, thoughtfully, carefully created by a team committed to excellence.

10 ft basket strainer with davit assembly

It stands over 10 feet tall. It is a 24” x 30” BWH150 Strainer – carbon steel construction. It includes a quick opening cover with a davit assembly. The Davit was added because of the size and weight of the cover, but more importantly with the height of the unit, it was to assist in the maintenance.

This is how Sure Flow approaches a project like this. Sure, we can build it, but how can we design it so its use will be optimized for many years to come? How can we ensure the unit will be most functional? What will make a maintenance person more likely to take the time required for a regular inspection and cleaning?  If that cover requires another piece of equipment, or another person to remove it, is it more likely that the routine cleaning won’t be routine?

This BWH150 will be used for straining treated water at 95 psi.

The final destination for this fabricated basket strainer is Columbia.

Like all custom fabricated strainers and products at Sure Flow, our products are tested to ensure they meet the standard of quality and performance demanded by our customers, all over the world!

Here’s the unit undergoing hydro-testing.

BWH150 undergoing hydrotesting

Our BWH150s do not come standard with the quick opening cover with a davit assembly, but it is a great addition if your application requires easy access and convenient cleaning, or its size mandates it. If you have an unique application or are evaluating a challenging new project, it’s time to call the company that businesses from around the world rely on to meet their needs, Sure Flow Equipment.