A fistful of sullen rain cascades over my shoulders
today. We are about to enter a new season. Our greater power allows
us to visit all seasons whether the leaves are falling or
blossoming. Life is so beautiful. Sure Flow is about people. We can
sit on our porch and observe the leaves falling or we walk through
the woods in the spring and see the deer, rabbits, wild turkey
emerging, but at the end of the day my company is about people
& quality and that will never change.

Jessica Wordsworth (my daughter) with Freddie

There is no question that the sun will rise
and the sun will set every day and at night the North Star will
always guide us home.

To my dear wife Janet, April 21st, I wish her
a happy birthday and to all our loyal customers a simple thanks. My
message is simple. Holidays – Be Careful and
Safe to all a good night. John (Jack) Leonard