Recently Sure Flow Equipment custom fabricated a 48″ x
54″ Special Concentric Reducer destined for the Alberta Tar Sands.
Due to the size and nature of the geometry of this vessel, Sure
Flow utilized its very own Submerged Arc Welder. We formed and
welded two pieces of ½” thick plate to create the shell
— tapered for the required dimensions. The Submerged Arc Welding
process can provide higher deposition rates and faster travel
speeds, and the process is known to produce a very smooth bead with
good penetration and excellent fusion. The advantage of the
Submerged Arc Welder is less operator involvement and it lends
itself to creative applications. Another indication that Sure Flow
Equipment Inc. is committed to modern technology, enhancing
customer satisfaction. Contact Sure Flow Equipment for all your
custom engineered, fabricated strainers and valves requirements.
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