Well my other buddy has not had a great journey during
the last four months. Milo picked up a fungal infection called
Nasal Aspergillosis. Selling pipeline strainers and our new product
models of Duplex Strainers and new Automatic Strainers are not on
his agenda right now, but he will be back! Gunner is off to Florida
and Milo will sleep on the couch or go to my farm! He’s a great
Buddy. I have had four golden Retrievers over the years; Beaumont,
Rufus, Spencer and of course, Milo. My pets have included Black
Labradors, hamsters, fish, you name it. One thing is certain, we
outlive our pets. Check at Product Gallery for our new photo
updates. See more here about Sure Flow Equipment Inc. Thank you for
visiting my Blogs and also for visiting our website
www.sureflowequipment.com. We hope you keep coming back. Always
working on something different. As my customers know, I am up at
5:00 a.m. developing new ideas. Our new Duplex Strainer model will
“rock and roll”. For all your industrial pipeline strainers and
valves requirements, please contact us.