Take a look at this custom engineered Sure Flow Model
BW150 Basket Strainer 30″ x 42″, Cone Bottom Basket Strainer
Assembly, c/w Davit Assembly for easy cover removal and support
legs. Very impressive — standing 13 feet high and weighing over
7,000 lbs. Sure Flow Equipment Inc. custom fabricated two of these
giant strainers within only 10 weeks to meet our customer’s rush
timeline which was fast tracked by the owners of a new mine site in
coastal Madagascar. Two dedicated Sure Flow employees, Danny Miles
and Vern Walker, assembled and crated these strainers. It was
unbelievable seeing them position these huge crates onto the
flatbed truck for shipment. Manufacturing strainers to comply with
ISO 9001:2008, our Quality Management System and ASME Section VIII,
Div 1 for ASME “U” Code Stamp and ASME “UM” Code Stamp requirements
is one thing; getting them out the door is another. Vern and Danny
— Well Done! These special basket strainers were lined with a 1/2″
layer of hard rubber to meet mining application specifications for
extreme abrasive wear, providing protection from ore slurry product
being strained at this new mining operation. Count on Sure Flow to
fulfill your challenging Custom Engineered Strainer requirements!
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