Sure Flow fabricated 36 of Model BW150 CS Basket
Strainers; size 6-inch to 10-inch. Each Basket Strainer features an
oversized Monel strainer basket to fulfill the demanding on-site
service conditions. To meet critical application requirements,
these Basket Strainers are customized with specialized internal and
external protective coatings comprised of fluoro polymer coated
bolting, internal fusion bond epoxy coated body and external epoxy
coating in fire engine red — all painting tested by Holiday
Detector /Tinker Rasor. Designed to withstand the corrosive effect
of seawater utilized by the firewater spray system at a major
Mideast petrochemical refinery tank farm and loading facility,
these elite strainers will be installed specifically to protect the
firewater spray nozzles. Sure Flow provides Oilfield Solutions
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