Seal Pots are just one of the many unique products that Sure Flow Equipment custom fabricates for our customers.

Seal pots provide a unique level of security in a closed system and act as a buffer from liquid release into the atmosphere. This can be beneficial for the environment, and essential for worker safety in some applications.  Often containing water, they allow a constant specific gravity and pressure which can also help with measurements.

As you can see from the attached photos, some of our customers have a great demand for seal pots, and Sure Flow is happy to fabricate them.

This order was for more than 20 seal pots in sizes ranging from 4 inch to 8 inch.

Each unit includes Class 150 raised face flanged inlet, outlet, drain and flush connections.

They were constructed from low temperature carbon steel and have a Nominal Pipe Size (NPS) 24-inch oversized body.

The units are self-supporting with legs on each seal pot.

The second photo shows some of the various orientations of inlet and outlet and flush connections, to fit into the customer’s unique piping layouts.

We also provided a custom designed light weight blind flange to work with the custom designed hinge, which included a stop to prevent the cover from opening too far. This light–weight blind flange allows one person to open and close the cover.

These units provided a number of custom features to integrate with the customer’s existing infrastructure configuration and to provide for smooth operation once up and running.

Sure Flow provided 100% radiography testing on all the buttweld joints.

The units also have a special epoxy coating inside and out for operation in a marine environment.

These seal pots are just another example of the amazing range of products that Sure Flow Equipment custom fabricates for our many customers in diverse industries. If you currently have an engineering challenge in your operation, the Sure Flow Team would love to chat and offer our input.

6 inch carbon steel seal pot

seal pot with offset inlet

multiple Sure Flow custom fabricated seal pots