You know you’ve met a seasoned accounting professional when they make a couple of astute observations. The first is that “the paperless” office was myth that was never going to happen. The second is that thorough and steady wins the race when it comes to accounting.

For almost two decades, Sherry Shura has been the “go to” person in accounting that many Sure Flow customers have interacted with. Sherry works with accounts receivable, accounts payable, collecting receivables, tracking invoicing, and does everything from dealing with electronic funds transfers to opening the daily mail.

While Sherry admits she doesn’t mind the repetitive nature of some accounting functions, she also knows the challenges of meeting deadlines and the many monkey wrenches that can be thrown at you before legers balance or checks can be run. There are the simple tasks like the regular weekly check run and the greater challenges keeping the Accounts Receivable to a reasonable timeframe.

Then there are tasks that require finesse. Often these involve trips to the plants to cross-check paperwork, verify shipments, match Purchase Orders to what’s received … the million little details that keep an operation run smoothly. And Sherry is just one of those people whose attention to detail helps an entity like Sure Flow remain so competitive.

You might already recognize Sherry from the many other blogs she’s been part of. She has been involved in pretty much all the outreach programs from YMCA fundraisers to serving at community meals. And those are just Sure Flow-affiliated activities. She belongs to Beta Sigma Phi sorority and is active in their charity work as well.

There has been an interesting trend in our employee profiles; many are involved with charity work after hours. I believe that really says something about the culture of an enterprise and those that work in it.

Sherry does take a bit of time for herself at the gym and cycling. Plus, she has a family cottage that makes for an escape in the warmer months.

Like everyone we’ve spoken with so far, Sherry really seems to enjoy the family or team feeling at Sure Flow. “I have to coordinate with many other people with my responsibilities. Danny checks prices and coordinates with my POs before shipping and Penni signs off on payables. I enjoy working with everyone at Sure Flow.”

Sherry also mentions the spontaneous lunches that CEO John Wordsworth provides and other perks. “There was a baseball trip, hockey tickets… John treats everyone really well!”

It is always refreshing to meet someone with such enthusiasm for where they work. It makes sense –  if you’re going to spend a lot of time somewhere, it should be in a place you actually enjoy.

When you’re busy with a wide variety of accounting tasks, it’s also good to be the kind of person who likes to deal with tasks logically and systematically. Making sure all the “i’s are dotted and the “t’s are crossed is in Sherry Shura’s nature, and she helps provide a strong back office supporting the often busy and seemingly chaotic sales and production activities going on in the plant and other parts of the organization. She’s an integral part of the impressive Sure Flow team.

Sherry Shura photo