Absorbs Vibration, Noise and Shock

Sound travelling axially through Expansion Joints is stopped at once. Water hammer, pumping impulses and waterborne noises are absorbed by the molded, lightweight, thin-wall structure.

Easy to Install, Easy to Remove

Loose flanges, no need of gasket or packing, and elastic spherical body make Expansion Joints easy to install or remove.

Higher Burst Strength

Spherical shape is stronger than cylindrical shape or other configuration. Thus under pressure, Sure Flow Expansion Joints are 4 times as strong as cylindrical joints. Additionally, our products are made of the best suitable material, and hence their burst pressure is much higher than those of other makes.

Wide Service Range

Made with chemical elastomers such as Neoprene.

Greater Movements are Available

Axial compression and elongation, deflection and angular movements will be greater.

Suitable for Suction and Delivery

Owing to its excellent molding technique with its tough chemical fiber, Expansion Joints can satisfactorily withstand the suction and discharge.




Flexible Rubber Expansion Joints from cover Sure Flow
AMT Twin Sphere Flexible Expansion Joints Sure Flow

High Efficiency

Expansion Joints have a streamlined, flowing arch to reduce turbulence, sediment build-up, thrust area and the effects of thrust on the piping system equipment.

Low Deformation Under Pressure

Internal pressure is exerted in all directions distributing forces evenly over a large area. Hence, the deformation of Sure Flow Expansion Joints due to pressure is much lower than that of other makes.

Light and Compact

The space required for the installation of an Expansion Joint is about half of the requirement of a cylindrical joint. Weight is about one third.

Use In:

• Air conditioning systems
• Air ducts
• Chemical lines
• Circulating water lines
• Compressor lines
• Paper stock lines
• Pump-suction and discharge
• Refrigeration lines
• Turbine to condenser

Marine Installations

• Air intake on diesel engines
• Ballast
• Between scoop and condenser
• Circulating lines to condenser
• Fog foam lines
• Fire and bilge pump lines
• Forced draft
• Overboard discharge
• Sanitary system
• Ventilation lines


AMU Twin Sphere Flexible Expansion Joint

Applicable Fluids: Water, warm water, seawater, weak acids, alkalies, compressed air, etc.


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