Sure Flow Dual Basket Strainers are an innovative and economical alternative to conventional Duplex Strainers. Dual Basket Strainers are designed for applications where flow cannot be interrupted to service the strainer basket. Rather than stopping the line to clean and replace the basket, the Dual Basket Strainer allows for flow to be redirected through a second basket while the initial basket is serviced. The changeover is accomplished by use of a handwheel (or lever) operator on a Buna lined (standard) butterfly valve.

This arrangement provides a bubble-tight shut off between basket chambers, essential for use in  gas or negative head pump suction systems. Standard units are available in Cast Iron with Class 125 ASME flanged connections as well as in Carbon or Stainless Steel with Class 150 ASME flanged connections.

Sure Flow BDB150 Bolted Fabricated Dual Basket Strainer
Sure Flow Model BDB Dual Basket Strainers are a bolted design. The standard version comes in Cast Iron material with Class 125 flanged connections and is available in sizes 2” through 18”. Baskets can be supplied with bolted or quick release clamp covers.

Selecting a Sure Flow Fabricated Dual Basket Strainer allows for pressure ratings, basket sizes and flange sizes to be customized in order to meet specific design requirements. Additions are available for Dual Basket Strainers such as automatic air vents, quick opening covers, special internal coatings, back wash connections and more. Our staff will help select the best Sure Flow Dual Basket Strainer for each unique application.



This PDF contains Dimensional Data and Construction Details for the BDB and DBH150 Fabricated Dual Basket Strainers.