Sure Flow Retainerless Body Design

In standard or competitive designs, some manufacturers drill four holes through the body of the check valve to facilitate the installation of a hinge pin and stop pin. The valves are then sealed by four pipe plugs. These holes are potential leak paths from the body of the valve.
Sure Flow Equipment Inc. utilizes an internal stop pin and hinge pin which are machined into the cavity of the body wall. This design eliminates a potential shell or body leak path.

Body Design schematic parts label Check Valves

Lapped Body / Disc Seal

All valves meet or exceed API 598. When it comes to the Sure Flow Check metal to metal valve, standard with stellite B12 overlay on the disc, an additional special machining cure is performed to provide a maximum flatness and a fine, lapped finish. The Sure Flow Check disc provides an almost zero leakage on metal seated valves with no additional cost.

lapped body disc seal check valve Sure Flow

Shock Bumpers

Sure Flow Equipment Inc. has cast “Shock Bumpers” into the reverse side of each of the discs (flappers). Both sides of the disc meet or touch in the fully open position, thus preventing them from contact with the internal pins. This reduces the force on the hinges to a minimum.

In some competitive designs the disc (flapper) strikes the stop pin in the fully open position, creating a lever force which could cause the hinge pin to break. The Shock Bumpers eliminate this potential problem.

shock bumpers retainerless check valve

Seat Life

Increased seat life is obtained by eliminating the problem of dragging on the seat when opening. The soft seated valve has a seat molded to the body by use of a heating temperature suitable to the materials.

seat life retainerless check valve


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