FRP (Fiberglass Reinforced Plastic) Basket Strainers

All Strainers are manufactured from premium resins and feature 5 part construction:

•  Two Chemical Barriers: Nominal thickness 10 mils of Nexus veil, 90% resin to 10% reinforcement. (Layers 1 & 4)
•  Anti-wicking barrier: 100 mil of chopped strand glass, 75% resin to 25% reinforcement. (Layer 2)
•  Structural Layer: Filament wound continuous roving, wind angle 55 deg: 30% resin to 70% reinforcement. (Layer 3)
•  Exterior Protection: Polyester resin gel coating: 10 mil thickness. (Layer 5)

This construction offers the finest in chemical and impact resistance. Various resins and matrices are used to achieve different strainer criteria. Please see comparison of P, H and A-Series FRP Strainers for details.

Standard baskets are manufactured of heavy gauge PVDF with 1/4” or 1/8” perforations. Stainless, titanium, monel or hastalloy baskets are also available. Mesh liners are available of PP, PVDF, ETFE, Polyester as well as metallic screens.

Sure Flow Fiberglass Reinforced Plastic basket strainers


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