Overview of Custom Engineered Strainers, Screens and Baskets

Sure Flow Equipment offers a wide assortment of screen types to meet all your filtration or screening needs. Over the course of the last two decades we have manufactured Cone/Conical Strainers, Basket/Hat Strainers, Reverse/Straight Flow Strainers, Plate Strainers, Media Retention Nozzles, Resin Traps, Submerged Intake Screens, Foot Valve Screens, Wedge Wire Screens, Multiple Layer Screens and many more custom styles.

The woven screen can be supplied in a perforated material, or for finer filtration, in a mesh material. These choices include Stainless Steel, Alloy 20, Titanium, Hastelloy, Monel or any other exotic material.

Not all applications are suitable for off the shelf items. At Sure Flow Equipment we are well equipped to design a strainer that will meet your specific needs and can offer countless options for your custom filter, custom screen or custom strainer. Just give us a drawing or your working conditions and we will produce a design and manufacture to your requirements.

Quad Reverse Cone Strainer

This Custom Engineered Strainer  accomplishes fine mesh filtration by compressing the effective flow area of a 20 foot long Cone Strainer into a compact 4 foot Strainer. The Quad Reverse Cone Strainer is simple to clean, conserves space and with an open area of 300% this Stainless Steel Strainer provides exceptional flow filtration design and functionality.


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