The Sure Flow Tee Strainer is a custom fabricated compact strainer designed to remove foreign pipeline particles from pipelines. This provides the ultimate protection for pumps, valves and other related equipment. The Sure Flow Tee Strainer is fabricated to your specification.
The standard Sure Flow Tee Strainer is constructed of carbon or stainless steel material. Sure Flow has fabricated numerous assemblies of chrome moly. Optional materials, end connections and accessories are available.

Tee Type Strainers bodies Sure Flow

Tee Type Strainer Inserts

When ordering specify:
•  Type – Straight Flow, Angled Flow, Angled Modified
•  Nominal Pipe Size
•  Flange Rating and Facing
•  Pressure Rating and Facing
•  Corrosion Conditions, if any (type of material
•  Perforation (particle retention)


Flanges and bodies are designed to meet Section 1 of American Standard Code for Pressure Piping, ASA B31.1 .

Manufacturer reserves the right to modify dimensions, materials, or design. Consult factory for certification.


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