Features and Applications of Sure Flow Butterfly Valves


Lug Style Body – BFVL125 / BFVL150
ASME Class 125 / ASME Class 150 Flanges

Features of Sure Flow Butterfly Valves

Lug Style Butteryfly Valves Sure Flow
•    Extended neck design for ample application of insulation.
•    One-piece / uni-body construction of cast ductile iron designed to accommodate ASME Class 125 flanges or ASME Class 150 flanges.
•    Integral ISO 5211 mounting flange will accept all styles of hand levers, multi-turn manual gears and power operators/actuators.
•    Acetal Plastic “Delrin” stem bushings to assure long life even during extended periods of inactivity and to decrease operating torque which eases manual operation or power assisted operation.
•    One-piece resilient seat with a molded-in (integral) o-ring seal eliminates the need for additional flange gaskets. The Butterfly Valve body is designed to limit seat compression to optimum dimensions.



Wafer Style Body – BFVW125 / BFVW150
ASME Class 125 / ASME Class 150 Flanges

Features of Sure Flow Butterfly Valves Continued

Sure Flow BFVW Wafer Style Butterfly Valves
•    One-piece resilient phenolic back seat has molded-in (integral) o-ring seal for upper and lower valve shafts and works with disc edge hub seals to provide a double stem seal.

•    Phenolic backed seat features:
–    Dimensionally stable seat sealing surface
–    Minimal seat wear, extending seat life
–    Blow-out proof seat
–    Non-distorting shaft hole with molded-in (integral) o-ring seal
•    Suitable for open left or open right operation.
•    Two-piece shaft design
•    Butterfly Valve is standard with a hard back seat. There is no movement of the seat which results in a constant torque and dead end zero leakage
•    Butterfly Valves are available in sizes up to 48 inches.


Butterfly Valves are manufactured in accordance with the specifications from ISO 5752, MSS SP-67, and API-609, American Petroleum Institute latest revisions. Both Lug and Wafer series valves are designed for ASME Class 125 and ASME Class 150 flanges. Valve sizes from 2″ to 12″ are rated at 250 psi WOG service and valve sizes from 14″ and larger are rated at 200 psi WOG service. All Butterfly Valves are full rated on dead-end service.


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