FV125 – Cast Iron •  FV150 Cast Steel •  FV150SS Cast Stainless Steel – Silent Seat Foot Valve

ASME Flanged End Connections

The Sure Flow Globe Silent Seat Foot Valve has low head loss through its full ported body area and heavy duty stainless steel basket screening. As pressure increases, the Buna-N Quad Ring is compressed slightly and the disc makes contact with the metal portion of the valve seat, preventing any further compression of the ring. The Buna-N Quad Ring will continue to provide “drop-tight seating” during the higher pressure ranges without damage from the increased pressure loading. A foot valve should be used with basket strainers and check valves. STANDARD FEATURES The seating design provides positive shut-off at all pressure ranges without additional loading on the seal. A Buna-N Quad Ring is standard on Foot Valves size 6” and larger. Valve comes standard with 1/8” perf. Stainless Steel Screen. Options are available. Heavy duty stainless steel screening, with flow area 3 to 4 times that of pipe area. Silent operation, by design of disc, stroke and linear closing characteristics.

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Size: 1200
Model: FV125
12” Silent Seat Flanged Foot Valve, Cast Iron, Buna-N seat.