General Overview of Launchers and Receivers


Sure Flow launcher receiver for pipeline sideview

Sure Flow Launchers and Receivers are custom designed to your specific application in a full range of sizes from ASME Class 150 to 2500 and higher. They are fabricated to the highest industry standards and pipeline vessel design codes in Carbon Steel, Stainless Steel or Alloy materials.

Launchers and Receivers are used in process pipelines to facilitate the activity of Pigging the pipeline.

Pipeline Inspection Gauges or Pigs are tools that are inserted into and move through the pipeline, propelled by the flow of the fluid. Pigs perform many tasks including cleaning, inspection, coating the pipeline interior and separating batches of different fluids.

A Launcher is located at the upstream end of the pipeline to launch the Pig into the pipeline. A Receiver is located at the downstream end of the pipeline to remove the Pig from the pipeline.

The design of the Launcher and Receiver will depend on the Pig and pipeline design conditions. Launchers and Receivers can have many options. Sure Flow will custom design your Launcher or Receiver to work with your conditions and requirements.


Typical Launcher and Receiver Piping Configuration

Launcher and Receiver Piping Configuration Diagram




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