Wafer check valves are recognized as being substantially lighter in weight than conventional swing check valves of the same size and pressure class.
For example:
•  6” Class 150 swing check weighs 175 lbs.
•  6” Class 150 Sure Flow Check weighs only 30 lbs.
This weight advantage means that the whole pipework system is lighter, consequently the pipework support structure can also be lighter and installation costs reduced.

lighter retainerless check valves FE Series Sure Flow


Lighter weight does not mean, however, that strength has been sacrificed. In fact a Sure Flow Check is actually stronger than the equivalent length of pipe. Ribs around the side wall support the flange faces.
The Sure Flow Check Valve provides the following important features:
•  Twin plate, flat seat design for efficient sealing.
•  Long leg spring(s) allows the plates to open and close without seat scrubbing.
•  Valves 14” and larger are fitted with patented independent spring(s) as a standard feature.
•  Lower head loss than swing checks above 6”.
•  Valves with soft seats have bubble tight closure to API 6D.
•  Valves with metal/hardfaced seats have low leakage in accordance with API 598.
•  Simplicity of installation is a key feature.
•  A wide range of seat options is available.


stronger retainerless check valve FE Series Sure Flow

The strong central rib gives rigidity to the body, protects the mechanism from damage by foreign objects in the flow and also provides a broad seating area for the plate heels.

The pins which support the plates and anchor the spring are substantial in order to withstand the pressures imposed on them by the flow.

central rib and pins close up check valve Sure Flow


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