Silent Wafer Check Valves

Sure Flow Wafer Check Valves are designed to close before the pump stops completely. This prevents flow reversal which eliminates water hammer and system surges associated with valve closure. They feature quiet operation, a guided disc and can be installed in the vertical or horizontal position.

Wafer Check Valves are offered in sizes ranging from 2” to 12”.

Sure Flow CW125ISC Cast Iron Silent Wafer Check Valve

Cast Iron Wafer Silent Check Valves

•  Cast Iron Body

• Flat Face

•  200 P.S.I. – CWP – 316SS Disc

Sure Flow CW150 Steel Silent Wafer Check Valves

Cast Steel Wafer Check Valve

• Cast Steel Body

•  Raise Face

•  285 P.S.I. – CWP

CW150SSC Wafer Silent Check

Cast Stainless Steel Silent Wafer Check Valve

•  Cast 316SS Body

•  Raised Face

•  275 P.S.I. – CWP