The Spyder-Clean Motorized, Automatic Self-Cleaning Advantage

The Spyder-Clean

The Spyder-Clean is part of a line of Motorized, Automatic Self-Cleaning Strainers. The Spyder-Clean provides continuous uninterrupted and unattended debris removal making it ideal for fluid piping systems which demand added cleaning abilities. It is very effective in system applications where operating pressure is low (under 5 psig) or where the debris is difficult to remove. Like all our Automatic Strainers, the Model SFA11 and SFA31 Strainers provide unattended service.  The addition of external backwash on the Model SFA11 and SFA31 results in superior self-cleaning attributes compared to other automatic strainers.

The image to the right shows the innovative internals of the Spyder-Clean showing ease of maintenance.




The Spyder-Clean’s unique backwash system permits installation in a broad range of applications. It is well suited for applications with a relatively low pressure as well as those with a very high pressure and from coarse, easily removed debris to fine, sticky debris.

In a low pressure mode (such as on the suction side of a pumping system), the Spyder-Clean system is mounted on the leading edge of the strainer backwash arm. External fluid is directed at an incident angle over the inside surface of the straining element through the high pressure nozzle assembly. The high velocity of this spray assists in cleaning of the wedge-wire straining element.

External source backwash pressure must be a minimum of 30 psi over operating pressure.

Spyder-Clean Strainers are used to protect equipment such as pumps, motors, heat exchangers or spray nozzles. They are also useful in process applications such as cooling towers or virtually any similar application.
The Model SFA31 Spyder-Clean Self-Cleaning Strainer is fabricated in pipe sizes ranging from 1″ through 36″ enabling it to suit the requirements of many applications. The Spyder-Clean system is an economical choice that can be easily retrofitted to any Sure Flow Equipment Self-Cleaning Strainer (size 6” and larger) currently in service.

Proven Features Include

•  A unique patented spray assisted/mechanical backwash mechanism for extended service life.

•  A clog-resistant straining element (wedge-wire configuration) to reduce maintenance downtime and operator assisted attention.

•  All internal replacement parts supplied in corrosion resistant materials (special material available on request).

•  An efficient, effective cleaning mechanism which reduces annual maintenance, requiring fewer parts.

•  A low rpm backwash cycle provides more efficient cleaning, less wear (no contact between rotating parts) and longer duty cycle on motors and speed reducers.

•  Any existing Sure Flow Equipment Self-Cleaning Strainer (6” and up)  can be converted to Spyder-Clean.

The Unique Spyder-Clean Advantage

The external source of backwash fluid is introduced by opening the control valve (not shown) connecting the spray nozzles (A) at the leading edge (B) of the backwash assembly.

A “Jet” spray action occurs at the straining element inside surface (see insert) in addition to the flow reversal at the port/straining element interface.

Debris  is  effectively  removed from the full-length of   the  straining   element   by  a  vigorous  “Spyder-Clean” fluid flow into the hollow port, down the hollow drive shaft and out the backwash outlet.   


This is a Cross-Sectional View of Port/Straining Element During Backwash Cycle



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