TSSA (Technical Standards & Safety Authority) Certificate of Authorization for Fabrication of Welded and Non-welded Category C, E and H Type Fittings.

See below for a description of The Technical Standards & Safety Authority.

TSSA Fabrication of Welded and Non-Welded Category E and H 2026 Certification for Sure Flow

About TSSA


TSSA is a risk-based, prevention-oriented organization that provides a variety of safety services, including public education; training and certification, licensing and registration engineering design review; inspection activities; and safety management consultation.

TSSA regulates safety in industry sectors such as amusement devices; boilers and pressure vessels; elevating devices; natural gas, petroleum, propane fuels and equipment; operating engineers and upholstered and stuffed articles. We administer and enforce public safety laws in these industry sectors under Ontario’s Technical Standards and Safety Act through delegation from the Ontario Government.

TSSA is advised by nine industry advisory councils who assist us in addressing safety concerns and delivering our business strategy and a consumer’s advisory council which effectively balances the interests among consumers, industry and government.

TSSA has highly motivated and uniquely qualified people who work in an accountable, service-oriented and performance based work environment that focuses on enhancing public safety and meeting client’s needs.

TSSA’s mission is to make people’s lives better by enhancing public safety. Our vision is to be an internationally recognized leader in the design and delivery of public safety services.