Valve Seating Torques and Technical Information Butterfly Valves

BFVW Wafer Butterfly Valve Lever Standard Lever Lockout


•  Torque values are only available for ASME Class 125 working pressure designed Butterfly Valves for sizes from 2″ to 24″.

•  All torque values shown on chart are for “wet” (water and other non-lubricating medium) on-off service.
–  For “dry” service (non-lubricating, dry gas media), multiply values by 1.6.
–  For “lubricating medium” service (clean, non-abrasive lubricating media), multiply values by 0.85.
–  When sizing actuators for single Valve applications, multiply values by 1.25.
–  When sizing for 3-way (“tee”) applications, multiply values by 1.5.


Sure Flow BFVW Wafer Butterfly Valve Standard Lever Lockout


•  Under certain conditions, hydrodynamic torque can meet or exceed seating and unseating torques. When designing valve systems, hydrodynamic torque must be considered to help ensure correct selection of application.

•  Manufacturer reserves the right to modify dimensions, materials, or design. Consult factory for certification.

Torque Values (Inch-Pounds)

Torque Values and Valve Seating chart for Sure Flow Butterfly Valves


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