“Y” Strainers take their name from their configuration. They are most commonly used in pressurized lines, gas or liquid, but can also be used in suction or vacuum conditions. They are intended for applications where small amounts of solid particulate are expected, and where clean-out will be infrequent. If solids will flush easily from the screen, and fluid can be exhausted to atmosphere, a blow-down valve on the drain port will allow clean-out without removal of the screen, and without interrupting the process flow.

A. Pressure gauges to indicate clogged screen
B. Isolation valves for servicing strainer
C. Optional manual or auto blow-down

Flow Rate Vs. Pressure Drop (Clean Screen)

Sure Flow Pressure Drop Charts Y-Strainers
Note: These charts are for theoretical calculations ONLY.
Please contact our office with your exact specifications and you will be provided with factory calculations.

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