YF150 / YF150SS - Cast Steel / Cast 316 Stainless Steel

Class 150 Flanged End Connections

Sure Flow Class 150  ASME  Flanged strainers  are available in Carbon Steel and Stainless Steel.  A machined, tapered seat ensures a perfect fit for the removable, stainless steel screen. Size 2” and larger come complete with flanged blow-off cover, gasket & plug. 1 1/2” and smaller come complete with solid threaded cover and gasket. May be installed in vertical or horizontal pipelines with blow-off connection at the lower end of the screen. Construction Carbon Steel - Body, Cover -  ASTM A216 Grade WCB Stainless Steel - Body, Cover - ASTM A351 Grade CF8M All screens are Stainless Steel
Click here for full product specs including dimensions, operation pressures and temperatures, standard screen sizes construction etc.
4” Flanged, Y Strainer, Cast Stainless Steel, Class 150 ASME Flanges, 1/8” Perf Screen