Sure Flow to the rescue! Two Sure Flow 4-inch
Stainless Steel Strainer Baskets, 1/8″ Perf c/w 30 Mesh Lining, for
installation in a Sure Flow Model 0400BDBC125 Fabricated Bolted
Dual Basket Strainer, were custom built and delivered within a
turnaround time of only 24 hours from receipt of order. Destined
for a blueberry processing operation in eastern Canada, timing was
of the essence to capture the harvest at its height. You can be
sure of premium quality products and optimum customer service when
you contact us with your requirements for Custom Engineered,
Fabricated Industrial Strainers, Filters and Valves – Sure Flow
Equipment Inc. Our Custom Strainer Baskets and Screens Video gives
you a snapshot of the wide selection available. For more details,
download our Temporary Strainers and Custom Screens Catalogue. To
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