As we’ve been going through the photo archive to make sure we’ve shared as many unique Sure Flow Equipment custom fabrication jobs as possible, sometimes it’s easy to miss units. It is a case of something looking pretty close to something else but being slightly different. Like one of those children’s activities with two similar pictures in which you are trying to “spot the difference.”

In this case we were ready to publish details of the first unit and noticed that a photo that we had thought was just a different angle of the camera, was actually a completely different unit.

The first unit is a 6 Inch DB150 fabricated dual basket strainer. It uses a Type One layout.

It features welded, raised-face flanged inlet and outlet manifolds.

It incorporates Sure Flow BF150 cast carbon steel basket strainers.

On close inspection it was the isolation valves that emphasized the difference in the two units. This unit incorporates butterfly valves with levers for isolation. On a 6” unit like this, one operator can fairly easily control the isolation valves to divert flow for cleaning.

DB160 6 inch fabricated dual basket strainer with butterfly valves with levers for isolation

The second unit is a 12 Inch BDB125 which uses our Type Two Layout.

It features cast iron construction and is Class 125 flat face flanged.

It is a bolted dual basket strainer assembly, using Sure Flow BF125 basket strainers.

There is no welding involved, all parts are simply bolted together.

This unit uses butterfly valves with gears for isolation. With a 12” unit like this, the wheel gears to control isolation would be easier for a single person to divert the flow for maintenance.

In the photo you’ll notice the customer has ordered spare baskets for future change overs. Sure Flow is always happy to provide spare baskets long after the original strainer has been installed, but some customers prefer to make sure they have the spares ready to go.

We believe this unit was being used in municipal water service, so it would be logical they’d want to ensure uninterrupted service in their system.

BDB125 12 inch fabricated dual basket strainer with butterfly valves for isolation

Once we got into the details of these units, we realized that while the two units were the same colour and had a similar design, they actually were pretty different. Not surprising with the variety of different options that Sure Flow provides to our customers. We’re confident we can make your custom fabricated product stand out from the crowd with our enthusiastic engineering and fabrication team.