We recently custom fabricated huge Temporary Cone
Strainers 42 inches wide x 6 feet high, Sure Flow Model CS600 Cone
Strainer 600 lb, for installation in a reverse flow orientation!
Constructed of 1/8″ 316SS perf 11 gauge thickness with 3/8″ thick
basket ring, these cone strainers were designed with 3/8″ 316SS
thick internal reinforcement rods, 3/8″ thick serrated
reinforcement spacer rings and finished with an external 40 mesh
lining to meet the application. The exceptional thickness of perf
specified for the strainers ramped up the fabrication expertise
factor. Our skilled Strainer Screen specialists competently rose to
the challenge, culminating in another successful custom engineered
Temporary Cone Strainer fabrication project. See my previous blog
postings: How Big Can A Witch Hat Be?! and Here’s Looking at You!
and 60-inch Reverse Cone Strainer! These featured four temporary
cone strainers will be installed at a natural gas storage facility
in Southwestern Ontario to provide startup debris removal and
protection for pipeline pumps or flowmeters. Put our experience and
high quality manufacturing capability to work for you. You can
count on us to get the job done right! Be sure to contact us for
all your unique strainer fabrication requirements. Please check out
our full product line and technical scope at: