The day dawned bright and sunny for our Annual Sure
Flow Golf Tournament but quickly progressed to blistering heat and
high humidity. Stalwartly embracing the steamy conditions, we
enjoyed a super day of golf and camaraderie. Inevitably, while
executing impressive line drives and concentrating on challenging
putts, topics involving strainers, valves and custom fabricated
strainers threaded through conversations. It’s just impossible to
check out completely! We were proud to host several special guests,
including Norm Kepner, a longstanding associate of the industrial
strainer and valve industry; Garo Magakian, Sales Manager of
Alexanian Carpet & Flooring and Bill Gregory, Development
Office of Canadian Diabetes Association. As shown, our Ken Gale /
Mike Robinson Memorial Trophy was awarded to: Janet Wordsworth Dave
Barnum Elly Cooper All participating golfers were recognized for
their unique talents with presentations from our bountiful prize
table. “Thank you” for all the generous contributions! Everyone
enjoyed this great teambuilding event. Refreshed and eager to
tackle all your challenges for Industrial Filters, Valves,
Strainers and Custom Fabricated Strainers, we invite you to contact
us for all your requirements and visit us at: