Here is my daughter, Jessica, and I about 20 years ago, I’m guessing.

John Wordworth and Jess

Well, she grew up and went to college, and where does she work? Sure Flow. She is not, however, a spoiled brat. She has worked her way up through the company. She started out working in the warehouse; no nail polish out there. She then moved into the Screen Department and spot welded. She learned the ropes from John Hamilton, the screen magician. Next she became a certified welder. Yes, she did her weld test and worked in the fabrication shop. She is the only lady in Sure Flow’s history to work in the weld shop.

Now she is inside sales. If you phone my company she will answer. I hate voicemail. Also, she is better on a computer than me.

 I am simply proud of my daughter and her choice to become a Sure Flow employee.

Jessica Wordsworth on computer