In Sure Flow’s on-going series to help customers get an idea of the variety and scope of strainers and baskets we produce, we decided to provide a quick blog about one of our unique designs.

Large basket strainers sometimes employ a multi-basket design. This is usually a four-basket design, but could be designed with other quantities, within reason.

There are several reasons to go with a four-basket design.

Number 1

This design increases the basket surface area, which will increase the operating time until baskets become dirty and need to be cleaned.

Number 2

This design makes it easier to remove the basket for cleaning. Quite simply, smaller baskets are easier to remove than large baskets, especially if they are full of dirt/debris.

Sure Flow is well aware that this design is not always possible and therefore has options to aid in the remove of larger, heavier baskets.

Number 3

With everything else being equal, smaller diameter baskets are going to be stronger. They have a higher burst pressure than a larger basket.

In a perfect world all material to be strained is of a consistent nature which allows regularly scheduled cleaning, by a maintenance crew that can maintain a consistent cleaning schedule. The reality of any industrial production process though would suggest that the world does not always function in a perfect fashion. So should the basket become clogged prematurely, the higher burst pressure of a smaller basket can be critical.

Here’s an example of this type of multi-basket design.

basket strainer with custom flow for 4 baskets

basket strainer with custom basket configuration inside

If you require more information about this design please contact the Sure Flow design team.