It was that time of year again. The Sure Flow team
laced up their shoes and dusted off their headbands in order to
give back. They were not only improving their already healthy
lifestyles, but giving back to the community at the same time.
Featured here is our strong team of seven pausing from the world of
Pipeline Strainers and Valves to concentrate on fundraising.
Pictured are team members Greg, Jeff, Emily, John, Patrick, John
and Jason. This fundraiser was for the local YMCA Strong Kids
Campaign. Sure Flow Equipment Inc. is proud to help – building
strong kids, strong families and a strong community – making a
difference. At Sure Flow Equipment Inc., we look forward to hearing
from you, with your next filtration project. Contact Sure Flow
Equipment Inc. and let us custom design a solution for your
application. We strive to be your single source for custom
engineered, fabricated strainers, filters, valves and pipeline
accessories. For an overview of our full product line and technical
scope, please check us out at: