We’ve looked at more traditional strainers like basket and Y strainers, but Sure Flow offers a whole series of special application strainers. This is why we hope you’ll contact us if you have an application where you’re just not sure a standard strainer is appropriate. Here is a sample of some of these unique products.

High Differential Strainers

Applications increasingly demand strainers with screens that withstand full line pressure when they become clogged. Many of our more traditional strainers can be structurally enhanced to handle higher pressures. When extremely high differentials exist you may require a special design. ‘High differential strainers’ are frequently constructed of very heavy wire mesh or are welded to ensure complete structural integrity. Sure Flow has extensive expertise in manufacturing these critical components over a wide range of pressure requirements.

Micronic Strainers

If you need to remove particles as fine as five microns, strainers are available with extremely fine wire mesh. Disposable cartridge-type filters do exist for these applications, but they are expensive compared to one that can be cleaned and reused. In most cases corrosion resistance is also superior with micronic strainers. To eliminate bypass these basket strainers require a gasket, O-ring or a close tolerance metal-to-metal seal. Fiber-filled or cotton screens can provide for oil separation. Even water can be separated from gasoline with the use of a fine mesh. Stainless steel or bronze wool-packed straining elements can also serve certain filter requirements.

High Capacity (Volume) Basket Strainers

High capacity strainers are designed for gasoline, fuel oil and other viscous liquids where one requires fine straining and a large basket that will not clog for an extended period of time. A close tolerance metal-to-metal fit or gasketed seat for the baskets will ensure that no fine particles bypass the strainer.

Magnetic Strainers

Fine ferrous particles can damage downstream equipment. This can include excessive and premature wear of pump seals and wear rings. The solution is a magnetic screen assembly. The magnets in this type of strainer are arranged to create a magnetic field around the interior of the strainer to attract those fine ferrous particles.

Offset Strainers

Sometimes a strainer is required at the inlet of a pump or meter that is close to the ground. Using an offset strainer with a high inlet and a low outlet can address this challenge. Tee type basket strainers in an angle flow application is another design that works in this situation.

Reducing Strainers

Often line sizes are reduced after a strainer and prior to heating and cooling coils or temperature control valves. A reducing strainer can reduce pressure loss, eliminate joints and still provide the same offset that would result from the use of a reducer. With a reducing strainer you accomplish two tasks, straining and reduction, and eliminate the reducer.

Steam Jacketed Strainers

Sometimes special processes require special strainer housings. Steel or stainless steel strainers can be fitted with a fabricated or cast outer jacket. These include a connection for the introduction of some heating or cooling medium such as steam. Steam jacketed strainers are primarily used in process piping applications where the liquid that is being handled must be maintained above the ambient temperature.