This photo demonstrates the reason for owner/operators
to be aware of the debris build up in strainers and the requirement
to clean the strainers more frequently during start up or high
loading incidences to ensure they do not become fully blocked. This
unit was between 85% to 100% blocked by the pipe scale, or rust, in
the piping system during start up. The result of this level of
blockage is the basket will bear the full line pressure as if it
were a piece of solid pipe. Here’s what happened: Our standard
maximum recommended differential is 20 psi. The reason for this is
a safety issue, not just for the people working in the area, but
also for the equipment downstream of the unit, i.e. a pump or
control valve. The basket pictured burst under the conditions as a
direct result of the operator not watching the pressure build up in
the strainer. Sure Flow recommends the maximum differential to be
10 psi for clean-out notification. The unit from which this basket
was removed did not have differential pressure taps to allow for
the monitoring of the pressure differential for cleaning purposes.
When blockages like this occur, other problems can also result,
such as cavitation of the pump the strainer is installed to
protect. Remember: Strainers are the Solution -Sure Flow has the