In pursuit of our mandate to continually improve and
“change is good”, we are pleased to display our new Submerged ARC
Welder (S.A.W.). This Modular Semi-Automatic Weld System is an
integration of standard machines, enabling superior flexibility and
productivity. Designed to fixture, handle and weld pipe and flange
sections, the system can accommodate diameters from 3″-60″. The PLC
programming allows for eleven pre-set programs, minimizing setup
time. The system consists of an 8×8 Manipulator, 4.5K Elevating
Positioner, and two 10K Elevating Idler Rolls. The Manipulator
comes equipped with a travel truck and a T-rail track with over 10′
of travel. The arm of the Manipulator is equipped with a full
Sub-arc weld package, including flux recovery. The Positioner comes
equipped with a heavy duty 60″ 3 jaw chuck. Elevating Idlers travel
in-line of the Positioner, atop V-rail with over 8′ of travel. If
required, each component can be used as a stand-alone machine. This
new equipment enhances our state-of-the-art fabrication facility
where quality is assured. Take a look at our impressive list of
Quality Certifications. Order with confidence. Contact Sure Flow
Equipment for all your custom engineered, fabricated strainers and
valves requirements. For a full overview of our product line and
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