This is not a new technology, but it is a continuous
improvement to Sure Flow’s ASME approved fabrication facility.
Submerged Arc Welding, or Sub Arc as it’s generally referred to, is
a unique welding process because there is not visible evidence that
a weld is being made. The Welding Society defines Submerged Arc
Welding (S.A.W.) as follows: “An arc welding process which produces
coalescence of metals by heating them with an arc or arcs between a
bare metal electrode or electrodes and the work. The arc and molten
metal are shielded by a blanket of granular, fusible material on
the work. Pressure is not used, and filler metal is obtained from
the electrodes and sometimes from a supplemental source (welding
rod, flux or metal granules).” This process has been used
successfully for years to produce high quality welds in compliance
with such code agencies as: ASME, AWS, API. Sure Flow – as always –
“Change is Good”