It’s not often Sure Flow employees are envious of some of the fabricated products they work so hard on, but in this case we make an exception.

Sure Flow just completed 3 large duplex strainers for a water recirculation system in a power generation plant. They are designed to save water which is always a good thing.

Their destination is southern California. At the end of typical long winter here in the north, a trip to California seems attractive. Traveling on the back of flat-bed truck might not be our first choice. Although when you see the care that is taken in loading, securing and covering these strainers for their trip, it might not be too bad.

18x24 DBH Duplex Power Plant Sure Flow

One of three 18×24 DBH Duplex Strainers Sure Flow

As you can see from the strainers themselves, great care was taken in their fabrication. Our ISO Certified manufacturing facility produces exceptionally high quality products. It’s one of the reasons we ship to customers all over North America and the world. People who need strainers to protect valuable pumps, heat exchangers, condensers, compressors, meters, turbines, spray nozzles and steam traps want them to perform and perform well. Sediment and rust and pipe scale or any other extraneous debris can not only damage expensive downstream equipment, it can shut down production processes which can be far costlier than the damaged equipment itself.


Crane hoisting DBH Duplex Strainer onto flatbed in the Sure Flow Warehouse

For more than a quarter century customers around the world have been turning to a company they know they can count on to produce the strainer they need to protect equipment over the long haul.

Flatbed in warehouse getting loaded

Flatbed in warehouse getting loaded with space for the pallet of strainers still to be loaded.

When it comes to the “long haul” Sure Flow has shipped products to the majority of countries on the planet. With distances like these we’ve become extremely good at making sure they arrive in the same condition they left the plant. Nothing is left to chance.

Pallet of basket strainers packaged for shipping.

Pallet of basket strainers packaged for shipping.

We like to use the metaphor of “it’s like Christmas morning for engineers when a Sure Flow custom fabricated valve or strainer arrives!” Okay, that might be a bit over the top.

Two of three DBHs Dual Basket Strainers strapped on trailer

Two of three DBHs Dual Basket Strainers strapped on trailer

We do like to know the product we have worked so hard to design and manufacture are in first rate condition and ready to be installed in some pretty amazing applications in a huge range of industrial processes.

DBHs getting tarped for the long haul

DBHs getting tarped for the long haul

It’s probably time you called our sales department to get some help spec’ing out that new project. If you talk to “Greg” or “Craig” I’m sure if you request it they’ll make sure to add a nice festive bow to the shipment to make your day when your shipment arrives!