Sure Flow Equipment belongs to a lot of communities. We are part of the business community. We are a part of the industry that produces products to move liquids and steam, safely, in a variety of processes. And we don’t lose site of the fact that we are also part of our local community.

Sure Flow staff members are an outstanding team when it comes to pitching in and making sure we give back to this local community.

Last Friday night, at a time when lots of people were heading home for pizza and movies after work, a dedicated crew from Sure Flow headed off to help out at a local community dinner.

Sales and Marketing Manager John Zuber put out the call, and as always, the Sure Flow team stepped up.

The goal of the dinner is ‘friendship’ and ‘building community’, and while Sure Flow staff was there to prepare and serve food and clean up afterwards, the emphasis of the event is providing a chance for conversation and connection. The goal of the evening is building relationships in which each person is honored and valued.

This isn’t a stretch for Sure Flow employees because as founder John Wordsworth has always emphasized, customers are Sure Flow’s reason for being and the focus of everything we do. So we get the importance of valuing our business relationships. Friendships are built at these Friday night dinners and many people come back for that connectedness. In our two and half decades in business we too have built up a lot of great long-term relationships, and we work hard to maintain them.

Customer Service Rep Jeff Sammut “serving up” dinner

We at Sure Flow are grateful to have had great customers support our endeavors over the years. It is part of our corporate culture to ensure we return the gratitude to those who may not have had our opportunities.

Business today is more competitive than it’s ever been, and the constant onslaught of technology forces us all to stay at the top of our game to be a preferred supplier. This can be taxing on an individual, but an evening like this reminds us we’re all part of bigger team, and to take a minute to be grateful and share our blessings.

As we have many times in the past, we thank all our customers who provide us with the opportunity to share our good fortune with others.

Sherry Nuttley from Accounts Payable (above) and President Penni Boxall (below) work on clean-up.